Design atelier “FIORE DI FIRENZE” presents a new collection of “selective” jewellery – FIORE DI FIRENZE. From the Renaissance to the present day, Florence has been the jewellery centre of Italy. The Florentine style means gold, plenty of filigree parts, animalistic and floristic motifs. Collections by FIORE DI FIRENZE are a modern interpretation of the Florentine rococo.

The Italy of the Renaissance times gave us three of the most beautiful love stories in the world.“Love can move the sun and the stars”, Dante Alighieri wrote “The Divine Comedy” just to glorify Beatrice.

“And evil stars leave the sky just noticed Her beautiful face at the distance…”, wrote Francesco Petrarch, who worshipped Laura, his ‘golden-haired angel.’

The third story is the most succinct, but the most colourful, as the object of adoration was depicted by an artist in his paintings. This object of adoration was the charming, mysterious, and beautiful Simonetta Vespucci, and the adorer was Sandro Botticelli, one of the most outstanding Renaissance painters, who depicted her in his artwork.

The Florence of the Renaissance times was a prosperous city, honouring art and creativity, full of passion and life. It was the city where numerous poets, artists and musicians lived, and everybody needed a muse. But one day everything changed. The young Simonetta bewitched the whole of Florence. She was the queen of any celebration and feast in the city. Brothers Lorenzo and Giuliano Medici, the rulers of Florence at that time, worshipped her. Painters and other artists created her portraits. All the poets and musicians of Florence sang about her.
But, even being pursued by everyone, she became something completely divine for Sandro Botticelli.
Simonetta was a vision of beauty, an ideal of femininity, and a picture of charm for Botticelli.

Simonetta Botticelli
Botticelli harboured those deep feelings he had towards Simonetta throughout his whole life. He was faithful to his vision of perfection forever.
The women who appear in his artwork all tend to have similar features. Likely they are inspired by Simonetta Vespucci’s looks.
‘Simonetta Vespucci’s portrait’

Nobody knows if Simonetta knew about Botticelli’s feelings or not, but he held onto this love all his life. Thanks to this love, our culture was enriched with his masterpieces. All the women depicted by him were Simonetta Vespucci, a tender flower of Florence.

The collection FIORE DI FIRENZE is dedicated to all those who hold love in their hearts.

Simonetta Vespucci was called ‘a goddess of spring and love’, the Florentine Venus, Madonna, and a tender flower of Florence.
Botticelli. ‘Spring.’ Fragment.

One of the most famous of Botticelli’s paintings -‘The Birth of Venus’


Pieces in the Collection FIORE DI FIRENZE are manufactured in Italian factories, producing lux jewellery.
A special jewellery alloy, brass, is used to manufacture articles for FIORE DI FIRENZE.
Pieces in FIORE DI FIRENZE are handmade.

The pieces in FIORE DI FIRENZE are gilded using a modern galvanic method.
At a molecular level, it creates a lasting gilt finish that is resistant to wearing on the piece’s surface.

Then pieces are finished by means of special granules in finishing cylinders.
Pieces from FIORE DI FIRENZE have a long lasting galvanic coating that can perfectly withstand this long process.
All the pieces in FIORE DI FIRENZE are manufactured with the highest quality standards.